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WOAI installation problem

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In the early stages of recreating from scratch my FSX Steam installation on a new computer, I encountered the following problem.


Downloaded Lufthansa from WOAI (it's v old, 2009, but as a platform from which to bring it up to date) and during installation the WOAI installer encountered an "unhandled exception error". Didn't keep screen grab of that so no further info, sorry, but it appears to have installed the required AI planes and textures but no bgl file. And there's no LH visible at Frankfurt with 100% traffic.


Now, each time I start FSX, on the opening screen (the one while it's loading before it gets to the select or create a flight etc.dialogue) I get a series of boxes, a sample of which is:-


DLH 2.jpg


There's about 60 of these, one for each LH plane and texture, to be closed then the sim runs loads and runs normally.


I decided to delete all the AI aircraft used only by LH and all the LH texture folders in a/c used by other airlines. This has had the result that I no longer get an error message in respect of the a/c only used by LH but am still getting them in respect of each LH texture for an a/c also used by another airline.


I'm tempted now to delete the other airlines sharing the LH a/c (fortunately only three), and these a/c, and reinstall the airlines but thought I'd post here to see if there might be a less extreme solution.


So, any bright ideas what's causing this, how to cure it and how to avoid the same syndrome in future?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Nk,


What the message is telling you is that in the aircraft.cfg file located in the folder (simobjects\airplanes\Woa……….) there are duplicated title= entries assigned to [fltsim.xx] texture entries - an example of the subject entry is highlight in RED below



title=EC-130H Hercules 41st ECS 73-1585

sim=AI Lockheed C-130E


texture=USAF 73-1585




ui_manufacturer=Henry Tomkiewicz AI

ui_type=Lockheed EC-130H Hercules

ui_variation=41st ECS 73-1585


description= \n


In your case its the WoA_AIA_B7333v2_LogoLight_DLH_Luthansa_D-ABEL entry


Each of these entries should be different so, as they use the same model, it should be simply a case of renaming a duplicate to reflect the correct registration details of the texture or a dummy reg- for example WoA_AIA_B7333v2_LogoLight_DLH_Luthansa_D-ZZZZ


Use notepad to edit the entries and make a backup copy of the aircraft.cfg for safety prior to doing so.




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