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Skyspirit and posky 767s have no strobe lights .


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Tonight I downloaded a skyspirit 767 in condor retro colours .

It is fine looking plane ,however no strobe light is visible.

In fact there was no beacon either.

I resolved beacon lack off, by copying and pasteing lights section from an earlier posky 767 model.

However this did not fix the no strobe problem.

Any ideas ?

This appears to be an issue on both posky and Sspirit aircraft.


Wonder of the socks

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Yo, Socks! This aircraft needs some work on it's lights for sure. No Strobe light called out in the [Lights] section. It is using Opensky light effects but provided no Effects to install in your Sim if you don't already have them.


OK, as far as I can see the wingtip red/green lights and the wingtip strobe light are actually working, although so dim they are barely visible, even at Dusk. I did a screenshot of the left wingtip when the strobe did flash. Strobe light circled in green.


767 strobe.JPG

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Zip sir thanks for your help.

I didn't include the individual file name of the aircraft ,because all posky/skyspirit 767s(at least mine) have no strobes /beacons.

I did manage to add a beacon by using an old posky cfg and copying it over, but i don't think its positioned correctly.

Anyways I did spot those little lights on the wingtips your screenshot shows however (and this is where I reveal my lack of real world aviation.)

Shouldn't there be a bright strobe on the base of the tailplane.


Cheers Andy

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