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Flight simming in 2020 and beyond!

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Not just autogen poopin, but whole regions and mountains coming and going. Oh yeah enjoy!


Release will be fascinating. They already announced there will be tonnes of bugs and problems.


Good one !


If it does that with my 70mbs broadband we are in real trouble [emoji16]




The NHL I can tell you have no idea how to stream watchable content after several years since changing streaming companies. If it's anything like that...70mbs or 1,000,000mbs won't help and the problems will of course be determined to be your end and not theirs.

Mark Daniels
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I can see the whole online thing going kaput on day one. Oh well, FS9 works fine for me. :D


I can see so many reasons why it won't meet expectation but if nothing else kills it, $$$ will. People are thinking it will be so much cheaper than past sims.


I'll join you. My FS9 mortgage is all paid off. Nothing to do other than enjoy my investment.

Mark Daniels
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Well, I see this as another case of the haves and the have-nots: Many simmers out there who still use FS9 or even FS2002 probably simply cannot afford a decent gaming PC to make the jump to FSX. And, even so, there is nothing wrong with that at all if they enjoy or are satisfied with the previous versions. On the flip side, many FSX users may not have the funds to buy or upgrade their current rigs to met the demands of the 2020 version. Even more so, many will find their current Internet may be deficient to handle the on-line connections.


My problem right here is many of these Forum postings are filled with those who only too happy to see MSFS 2020 fail, or fall flat on it's face out of the starting gate. Why is that? What king of negative agenda does that represent. Are you guys posting some kind of fair warning, or just a hopeful prediction? Or sour grapes?

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Why can't we simply celebrate the fact that a new simulator is being created??


If it helps to attract new people to the hobby, then that is both fantastic and exciting news!


The new Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn't have to fail for you to enjoy FS2004...if anything, its popularity will only help to increase its longevity.


Let's please cut down on the trolling...both Nels and I are finding it rather tiring...

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fully agree , let's be happy that even in these days there's one thing we can allways turn to and that's

our sim. I fly FS2002 FS2004 and FSX SE In the past I had FS5 , FS98 and FS2000. My situation:

Never had the funds to buy a pc that could fly the 'then released sim', always had to wait another 10

years before I could enjoy the 'old' sim. It was only beginning this year I finally was able to upgrade to a FSX SE capable pc.(still nothing special but just sufficient) : WIN10 I7-6700K GTX1050-4GB

16 GBDDR4 SSD500GB C:/FSX SE, Flyaway Freeware Mesh, UTX USA EUR CAN , Justflight FSceneX.

(FSX SE = on SSD but put freeware Mesh on seperate (empty)HDD partition

Tried DX10 preview with Steve Parsons DX10 patch. Searching for 2 weeks now, cannot get:

FSX.cfg , Nvidea config and FSX settings in accordance with eachother. My frames are just acceptable but the hickup's and stutters are a continuing problem. Also installed FSPS FSX Booster but the stutters remain. So now I fly FSX SE without DX10 preview, have all maxed out , except traffic to 50% and gives me minimal 24fps. I'm happy with my FSX now just as I'm still very very happy with my FS9 and FS8. I've had my issues with all my sim's: FSX Acceleration Error Code 1-80004005 , FLight1 UTX install issues WIN10 reg and Flight1 LDS767 bad-license to name the more difficult one's. But in a way I even enjoy the process of resolving these issues because I usually learn new things during the process. I have only one issue right now is with FS9 : PSS B757 and PSS B777, when I install either

I get the same line in WIN10/Control Panel/ programmes: both come with a line : Just flight

PSS B757 . No problem I'think but after installing PSS B777 and then whenever I fly in FS9 and whenever I click menu item: [Flights] the sim complete freezes..............

Something to do with : Folder structure in FS9/PSS/B757 B777 flights.................


Be happy, stay safe, love the family and see you 'up there'


Edited by piet06273

I5 12600K - RTX3060TI - 32GB 3600 - M2 - WIN11 - FS8/9/X - MSFS - full ORBX UTX etc. 



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In motorcycles we often say "Have pride in whatever you ride" - if it's got a motor and wheels? It's all good.


IMHO in flight simming? If it's got wings - it's all good.


I have NEVER purchased a new PC that wasn't obsolete before I could get it out of the box and setup. lol There is ALWAYS something newer and "better". So I've learned over the decades to stop shopping or reading reviews after I've made a purchase, and I just blissfully enjoy my new thing.


If being 71 has taught me anything, it's that I only gotta keep ME happy.

"Don't believe everything you see on the internet." - Abe Lincoln HP Pavilion Desktop i5-8400@2.8ghz, 16gb RAM, 1TB M.2 SSD, GTX1650 4GB, 300 MBPS internet, 31.5" curved monitor, Logitech yoke-throttle, Flt Vel trim wheel, TFRP rudder pedals, G/M IR headset, Extreme 3D Pro joystick, Wheel Stand Pro S Dlx

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Oh look, the FS9 Nazis are PMing each other about this (17 yr old) moderation(?) issue! They're probably plotting a way to disable all our FSXs and P3ds to force us to use FS9!


Then people might actually get to finish a flight if we do! Or see the world correctly instead of over-saturated textures!


Guess which sim :


1. Buffering

2. Stuttering

3. OOM's

4. Smooth


Winner gets an all expense paid cruise. So adult's only which rules out Jim from participating. :D

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...Or see the world correctly instead of over-saturated textures!


You've been looking at FS9 so long you've forgotten what the real world even looks like! Hint: not like that! :)


Your all expense paid cruise would probably amount to floating the Pripyat river through Chernobyl on an inner tube anyway, lol.

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  • Founder

I think we've had enough whinging about a sim that's still only in the alpha stage of development, so I'm going to close this.


If you want to stay in 2003 and use FS2004 that's great, use whatever works for you. We'll support you as best we can, even though most of the world will move on to other things.

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