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How to make the default plane textures not look so weird

Kevin J

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Hello i have antoher problem.


How can i do to make the 738 and 744 textures doesn´t look so weird because they look like if you use a computer with an intel Atom as proccesor, i mean they look like if you have all the graphics in minimun, i checked the texture achievements of the plane and they look as in the sim


Any help to make them look better?

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There are a few modifications that will correct the texture mips for those aircraft. I could not come up with any from our library here, but found ones from FlyawaySimulations.





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Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I actually fixed the default textures by removing the mips and uploaded them to the library here, just search for "paul craig texture fix" you will need to scroll down to find the FSX textures.


PS: Sorry didn't see last post.

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Dont worry, it stills useful(Ehh i guess i have some mistakes in that sentence, sorry its because im from spain and im not an expert in english, at least i know something of bocavulary to write help on this forum), i guess that all those fix archives are on FlyAwaySim page right? Thanks anyway
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