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FSX Switches off


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I can load and successfully fly, BUT

A) If I change aircraft, and/or

B) Change location

then after a couple of seconds FSX switches down/turns off.


Same happens on the "Free flight" set up screen - If I select an aircraft, then change my mind and try to select another FSX just switches off!


I can "Live with it" at the moment (by being very careful), but am considering a total re-install of FSX, UK2000 VFR scenery, etc etc. but before I do that: -

A) Has anyone else had this sort of problem?

B) Have you cured it without having to do a complete re-install of FSX?

C) If so, How?

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No, FSX totally closes down. (I know this - as if it were just minimized I'd get an "FSX is already running" message when I restart!)


I think that after tonight (my next flying session will be Wednesday) I'll have to "Bite the Bullet" and re-install FSX


Related item - does anyone know where the FSX "log" gets stored? (The one that FSX reads each time it loads, and adds an entry each time thus making FSX slower and slower to load over the years!) - I want to make a back-up so I can speed up my loading by resetting it in a year's time!

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