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Difficulties with camera views in FS2004


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After I started my first flight on FS2004, I found out that some controls are different from FSX Steam edition that I have on my PC. I have FS2004 on my laptop. iThe camera views are giving me the most trouble. When I want to switch to spot view I can't control my camera. When I'm flying in FSX I hold the spacebar and move the mouse for panning. When I try that on FS2004, It doesn't work at all. I went to the settings but I didn't managed to get it like in FSX. Also I see on videos that people show the interior of the aircraft. Is there a way to do that? I hope you can help me out.
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That viewing system was a new feature of FSX. You can simulate it by turning on the NumLock and pressing the keys on the number pad (if you have one).


A few more questions. Are you flying in the 2D panel or in the VC?


Do you have any other controls like a joystick or yoke?


By "the interior of the aircraft" what do you mean exactly? Which planes?

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I have a number pad that I can use with the Fn key. I tried it out and it works fine. But I understood that there is no way of looking around the plane in another way?

I have no joystick or yoke for my laptop.

With interior I mean the passenger cabin but I think that not every aircraft has that option.

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