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FSX Steam Fail


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Sorry if this has been covered, I've looked through

posts for about an hour and haven't seen this addressed.


I just bought and installed the Steam version of FSX on

a new computer. I go to free flight and set up a simple

flight, click "Fly Now," and the screen goes black while

the menu music plays and nothing happens. I still have

the mouse cursor movable, but a black screen otherwise.

I can't even get Task Manager, I have to ctrl-alt-del

and restart to get out of it. I've tried it with several

aircraft and locations, and there have been no add-ons

installed. I assume it's a software issue because the

music keeps playing. Anybody got a solution? Thanks.


Asus ROG, Intel Core i7-9700K, 16GB Memory,

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, 512GB SSD.

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Thanks for the reply,

Didn't seem to do the trick. It's the music continuing to play

that baffles me, seems to indicate nothings "locked up." I set

a restore point in anticipation of such trouble (25 years of this

crap and you learn). I may just ditch the program AND Steam and

try to wrestle with installing my old FSX Gold from disc.

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