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Buy X-Plane or wait for FlightSim2020


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Hi all, so I've been a FSX user for longer than I can remember, and after watching videos on YouTube of X-Plane I'm getting tempted to make the switch due to it looking more realistic.


I've downloaded the demo and it seems ok, although feels a bit too sensitive on the controls.


Question is - Do I spend £50 to unlock the X-Plane game or wait for the Flight Simulator 2020??


Is the X-Plane worth it?!





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That's a judgement you'll have to make for yourself. There are some folks who love X-Plane, and some who don't, so you'll hear opinions based mostly on this. BUT... No one yet knows what the new FS is like, beyond the preview videos shown in the relevant forum below.


And since you have the demo available you know what you'd be getting with X-Plane, and no one else knows any more than you do about the new sim, let alone what you'd prefer, since your preferences won't necessarily match someone else's.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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I made this jump when I built myself a new System last year. I've only loaded FSX a hand full of times. I'm finding myself flying on XPv11 almost exclusively (albeit, I have much to learn). I quite like it so far.

But I made the decision that I'm not spending a cent on FSX or XP till MSFS comes out.



Embraer E190 Driver

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