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Logitech Joy stick


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Wondered if anyone has taken apart a Logtech Wingman joystick and cleaned the contacts so the hat switch works in all the positions.


I have one that will not work to the left side.


Also, is there anything to watch out for like flying springs?





Don R

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It is the non vibrating one. It just says Wingman. Digital 3 D I got a used force feed as a replacement and it is awful. The one I am currently using is great other than can not look out the left side which is tough on left hand patterns.


I wanted to take it apart and clean it but was concerned about wild springs flying out.


Now on the other hand not too much hockey talk but the Steelers are revamping.

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Thanks guys for the information. When I get the new one I will do some testing.


Sure is a lot of pieces in one of those joy sticks. The force feed one to me is really tough one to use. If you let go of it it just wobbles around but the the other one non force feed returns to center like the yoke would.

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