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Occasional white flashes


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When outbound I see occasional white flashes when I pan around .

Anything to worry about or is there something sinister happening .

I can live with it because all is good when reaching top of climb .

It is no big deal , but is there a fix I am missing ?

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Hi there,


I would get white water flashes when crossing through 1500 feet or something like that, where only the water flashed white once.


I believe it was related to my use of DX10 and the water shader kicking in at a particular altitude. Are you using DX10?


The DX10 fixer (which I'm a big fan) of addressed this in the recent 5.2 release.




As you'll see on this page, one of the changes was "Workaround for occasional water white flashes".


I hope this helps. Of course it could be something else...



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