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Problems after transferring FSX Gold with Add-ons to new WIN10 PC


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I bought a new WIN10 PC and transferred FSX Gold with add-ons from old computer to its own file in C: drive. When trying to run FSX I get an error message that the "side by side configuration is incorrect".


Any suggestions? Should I delete it all and start fresh with the DVDs and build it all back again?

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See my post below about the new installation, make sure you have a browser running in the background if you do Internet Activation, unfortunately you will have to reinstall. Before you do that you can save your Gauges, Aircraft, Scenery,... fsx.cfg just for reference on some settings but you will not be able to use it directly. If you can save it all and move / copy the things you added after the old virgin install in your new install.

There are some posts here about how to get a new installation but basically you will have to go through that process from the beginning. All this mess just to satisfy someone's thinking that everyone is a thief, just because he was one, I am afraid.

I hope the new sim uses a different approach to management, and installation, there is no need for this stuff to be all over creation and cause all these problems, there are better ways to implement copy protection / illegal use.

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