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Is Flightgear worth buying

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Hello, I'm thinking about buying the flight simulator 2020 from eBay or amazon, I read some reviews about it some good and some bad, some said that the installation is kind confusing, but my question is it worth the money, I was thinking about getting the one with the eight disk with the thump drive.

So, if everyone have any feed back or advice, I will be please to hear it, like I said, I'd thinking about buying for the main reason because it said it comes with 600 aircraft. I be please to get a response as soon as possible. Thank! From your fellow SimPilot

Joseph Armstrong:pilot:
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I installed FlightGear before buying X-Plane 11 and surprisingly, there are some elements of fgfs that aren't present in standard X-Plane 11.


However, I only have time for one flight sim so on last use, I was learning to hover and land the helicopter on platforms in XP11.

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