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AFCAD Error Puzzle


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I've made lots of water base airports using AFCAD and not had a problem, they have all worked.

Now I made one earlier doing it the same way as I've always done now it is throwing an error saying the runway needs to be black which it is and needs to change to a taxiway, but when I do that it doesn't work.


I went to one done exactly the same way that works and it shows no faults.



Runway error.jpg


No Faults

Runway no error.jpg



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Hi Tom,


Yes the runway is set at 1ft wide and I placed the black on top of it, I thought of ignoring it but I went off one I had already made and compared and that is what threw me.

The black line is set to 0ft like all my others.

When I set an AI seaplane flight plan the plane was there parked up but when it got clearance it vanished.

I'll try again thank you.



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Thank Tom,

It worked, I don't know why one should not show an error and the other does but still you saved me.

I spent hours trying various things, I even tried ADE but I am not too good on that lol.


Anyway got the girl in the air.


Take Off.jpg



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