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Values in lighting section - assistance please


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Good day!

I have a couple of questions about this lighting section:



Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing

light.0 = 1, 16.1, 0, -2.55, fx_beacon

light.1 = 1, 41.25, 0.40, 11.85, fx_beacon

light.2 = 8, 35.7, -6.2, 4.7, fx_navwhih

light.3 = 8, 35.7, 6.2, 4.7, fx_navwhih

light.4 = 8, 14.70, 18.8, 2.95, QW757_wingscan

light.5 = 8, 14.70, -18.8, 2.95, QW757_wingscan


I fly a couple of the QW 757's from time to time, but don't like the way the rotating beacon and white wing strobes look; not clearly visible, like specs in stead of globes, and look a bit buried into the shape of the fuselage and wingtips.

First, what are the values from left to right, ex: 16.1, 0, -2.55? I assume positioning values, but which is assigned to height/fore-aft/left-right?


As well, I see types 1-5, but only see 1's and 8's in the list? I don't know what lights 4 & 5 are, but I know I'd like to try adjusting the position of the white wing strobes, unless they are part of the model.


Thanks for any suggestions.



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Hi Neil, the numbers after the = symbol represent: type of light, longitude, latitude, vertical position.

Numbers with a minus mean: longitude rear of datum, latitude left of datum, vertical below datum.

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Thanks very much, Tiger. Getting closer with the position of the red beacon, though it is only visible from certain angles. I am using an fx file from an aircraft I know has no issues, so not sure why it's so hard to see. A spec on 3/4 of the view around the plane, but the front quarter is more visible. Weird.



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After the type number, e.g. the "1" in your example, the first value is the longitudinal coordinate, the second value is the lateral coordinate and the third value is the height coordinate. They can be + or - and are all in relation to the aircraft's "Reference Datum Position", specified in the "Weight and Balance" section of the aircraft's CFG file. This value should never be edited because it's the reference point for many other even more important parts of the aircraft, e.g. the "Contact points", engine thrust positions, etc.


However, be aware that FS9 "Reference Datum Positions" are (sadly) not always in standard positions and can therefore differ greatly, even per the same type of aircraft, especially when made by different developers.


Also, some of the larger and more complex aircraft utilize flexible wings, which automatically means that fixed wing tip lights cannot be specified in the [Lights] section of the aircraft's CFG file but are specified in it's model file instead.


Hope this helps.



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Thanks Hans. I have the beacon fixed now where I can see it in all directions. Turns out, the fx file I tried using was not the best. I changed to another, and it works great now.

The wing strobes - makes sense. I just wanted to try adjusting them outward a small amount, because they look buried in the wing, and I don't see them blinking when turned on, and only see a hint of them when panning around the plane. Doesn't look promising in fixing these then, I guess.

Though, I'd love to change the fx file for them without making coordinate adjustments, but if they are specified in the model.........



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