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Must be something I said....

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Hi all,


I have been signed up for for alpha testing since the beginning but as yet I haven't been invited to join the alpha/alpha community. I suspect this may be due to the fact that my setup is quite specific, being as I have a home cockpit build and hope that it is not something that I said!


I hope that all that do have access are enjoying what they see (I know that you can't comment ! ).


I will keep checking my email and spam folders with fingers crossed.




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It isn't just a selection of valid, qualified candidates. Many of us are. It is also about not opening the barn doors too early. There are a lot of good intentioned people who have the gift of gab... you know, those who love to gossip about others, but are offended when those same are gossiped about...


My point, though you and many others have an interest in being part of the alpha / beta testing platforms, so many people just can't be quiet about it, once part of it. Imagine the legal ramifications of all those who are brought in to be part of the testing, and all of them gab, against the legal binding agreement to be quiet.


The market of testers cannot include everyone. It doesn't make good business sense. I, for starters, have used flight sims since the Commodore 64 days, with Solo Flight, then to Flight Simulator 2, and all of the FS sims since. I have been in flying one sort or another for 40 years, give or take.


Regardless whether you, I, or any others, are picked to participate in the testing, be sure that they need people to actually test the program, not just fly and have fun. Alpha / Beta testing can be numbing, long hours, intense, and exhaustive burn-out can occur. Don't fret if you aren't chosen. Don't blab and gab if you are. Just be patient and hopeful. I am sure our interest is appreciated.


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Personally, I would rather wait for the finished product, let others deal with the annoyances of a beta product. ;)


I got Prepar3D v5 to tinker with until FS2020 comes out.

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