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AIFP/Aircraft problem


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I installed a Republic Thunderbolt with a few textures manually like I always do.

They are for both FS9 and FSX, They show up in the normal selection window, I wanted to use one as an ai just to test, I have AIFP V3.2.20 which works fine.

So I made a flight plan and when compiling I got the aircraft showing red and a message saying aircraft not in the system, so I regenerated the aircraft but nothing happened.

Also when I went to select the aircraft in the list this one stands out as you see from the screenshot it has a + next to it, so thinking there must be another folder in there I checked to see if I had made a blunder and somehow installed it twice or wrongly but no, only the normal files were in the folder.


I deleted it and tried again, still the same problem, it must be something causing that plus sign, I have lots of other aircraft all installed manually like I always do and none show this sign.

It's an A.F. Scrub model f47d thunderbolt.


Thunderbolt plus.jpg



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Hi Charlie, All it does is show what is in the folder just like if I click on one of the others.


It's no big deal all it was I haven't seen this before and thought it might be an easy fix.

They show in the selection screen plus I can fly them, so they do work in FS9, I did think at first maybe it was a typo and they were FSX only.



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