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Spawning AI Aircraft


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I used to do this years ago so I had a go at doing it again.

Just as an experiment I spawned 3 Mustang aircraft from an invisible airport/waypoint. I had them spawn 3 minutes apart all to go to the same airfield.

The spawn times were 09:00, 09:03 & 09:06, when I waited at the arrival airfield they didn't show at the time they should have arrived which was 09:55, 09:58 & 10:01.

But I waited by accelerating the sim time, they didn't appear on radar till 11:00, they all landed OK but why the 2 hour delay?


I'm sure the last time I played around with this I never got such a long delay, has anybody else ever done this?



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Hi Tom, now you mention it I'm not sure if I selected local or GMT, I'll do another check.


I remember doing this years ago, a mate of mine did a fictional airfield, he spent a lot of time on it and did a good job.

So I decided to put so AI traffic in it, to make it easy I put 4 invisible airports N,S,E,W and had planes flying in from the 4 points, just having the 4 points made it easy to program the AI instead of having them coming from real airports.

It was just an experiment but it worked, also this fictional airport had 2 runways so the AI were coming and going using both, it was fun to watch.



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