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AI aircraft squadron


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Just wondering if anyone has created an add-on/patch for FSX-SE that would generate similar AI aircraft to follow a leader (yourself), say in a V formation?


Thought it'd be a kinda cool visual effect!


Imagine something similar to The Blue Angels or Thunderbirds - but not precision flight. Maybe a few thousand yards apart from each other. Not sure how takeoffs/landings would be orchestrated.


Just interested in a cool visual effect!

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With the Military AI Works AI downloads they somehow manage to do formation flights with jet fighters by simple flight plan trickery using invisible in the air airports. Exactly how it's done has always been a mystery to me just like the star method or what ever it's called to get AI to use all available runways in an AFCAD.


One day I'll learn it, but at the moment it's on the back burner as I already have too much on my plate in the "stuff I want to learn today" dossier. LOL

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I've made lots of invisible airports which can be used as waypoints, I've made them with the old AFCAD program, this is one from MAIW, it's listed as a Search and Rescue waypoint, you can set the ai to do a Touch and Go then off to another or back to base.


It's length is 33ft x 3ft wide at a height of 49ft.


SAR Waypoint.jpg

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That's initially done as formation flight with waypoints.




But finally each a/c flies its own speed and course. So they start together but don't keep formation the whole way.




(Done for FS9 but wouldn't be different for FSX).

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