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FS9 crash


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IS there a maximum number of sceneries that can be "active" when running FS9?

I am having problems with FS9 "shutting Down" when I try to create a new flight.

It seems to be regional, in that I can create and open a flight almost anywhere in the world except the USA.

It is sometimes only regional in the USA


I have a lot of sceneries loaded and quite few AI airlines active as well.


It also seems to depend on the time of day that I select.


If I watch FS9 loading progress, it seems to crash when it is loading traffic

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There is a limit to the number that can be loaded into the Scenery Library, as I recently discovered. I realised that new entries were not appearing so I grouped existing airports geographically into, for instance, RW western Canada, and made space for new items. I currently have 1,010 library items so maybe the limit is 1,200?
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there is a handy program called flusifix that can check numerous items for all your aircraft including ai aircraft, some of which may cause a crash when trying to load ai. For instance it will check if there are duplicate title= entries in the aircraft.cfg files, it will check if there is a correct model= entry in the aircraft config, and several other things that could cause issues. one thing it won't check, i think, is the model.cfg file. for example, if your model file is 737.mdl your model.cfg file entry should be normal=737. If it says normal=737.mdl it will cause issues. i think you can get it here... https://flusifix-2006.software.informer.com/6.5/

- bernie

p.s. no need to call me Capt folks, Capt Flappers is just a name my wife teases me with because of my flight sim obsession. :o

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If I watch FS9 loading progress, it seems to crash when it is loading traffic

If you get a windows crash message, use the option for greater details to see which DLL has failed.


Then check my site to see if it is listed there:



Hopefully that will really help you know where to be looking.





My co-pilot's name is Sid and he's a star!

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