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Looking for a B-17 C or D model for FS9


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Looking for an early model B-17, either a C or D model for FS9, either freeware or payware.


I know about the one for FSX, but it's not compatible with FS9...tried it.


Does anyone know if one exists for FS9? Need one to complete a historical activity.



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Hiya Zippy;

Found one at SOH, made for FS9. Thanks for the tip.

Not perfect, but pretty good. Has one annoying glitch...can't start it. When you load it, the engines are all running. If I shut it down and try to restart it....it just cranks. Got a few other bugs mostly minor, but will be usable if I can get the engines to start. No clue in the readme about any built-in procedure either: strange. But I found one, so can't complain too much!

Thanks again for the tip!


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