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Beech baron control


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Might just be you....


I usually boost the elevator and aileron effectiveness of most downloaded aircraft, but just so you know:

my Baron 58 uses default flight_tuning settings - all are set to 1.0 and I fly mostly with fingertips only on the stick (full sensitivity and almost no dead zone; always have)


If other aircraft seem 'normal' you could reduce the Baron's elevator effectiveness by 0.2 or 0.4 and see if you prefer the way it feels.



Hooked since FS4... now flying:

self-built i7-4790 at 4 GHz; GA-Z97X mobo; GTX 970; 16GB gskill;

quiet, fast and cool running.

Win 7/64: 840 EVO OS; 840 EVO (500G) game drive;

Win10/64: 850 EVO (500G) for OS and games

A few Flightsim videos on YouTube at CanyonCorners

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