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Unable to install B-17D in FSX


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Have just downloaded A.F. Scrub's beautiful B-17D for FSX from the Flight Sim website. Have attempted 5 times to install it but my FSX simply won't recognize it. Have not added anything to the download, just tried to install it as is. I just can't add it to the list of aircraft.


Has anyone else experienced this? I can't figure out why, except to think that something is missing from the download file.


Any ideas or suggestions? The early D model of the B-17 would be a rare addition, and Mr. Scrub has made a beautiful rendition of it.



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Hi Zippy, thanks for the response. Yeah...that's the one. It just won't load on my laptop. Am on vacation in Florida, using a Dell Alienware laptop with Win 7 (an older laptop) and running both FS9 and FSX with SP1 and SP2. The laptop is used for travels.


If you downloaded the "D" and installed it on your cptr as is, without changing anything, then I suspect the problem lies within my laptop. I've had some problems with it in the past It wouldn't handle the old Train Simulator program either, so I'm guessing it is the culpret! At least I now have some idea of why it won't install on this thing!


When I return home I"ll try to install the "D" on my desktop. Both the Flt Sim and Train Sim run normally on it with Win 10. Hopefully it will install normally there.


I'm still a fan of FS9 and was hoping I could find a "D" model in FS9 format for a little historical project I had in mind. If you ever watch that old classic 1943 wartime propaganda movie, "Air Force" you will see that the star of the film is a real D model B-17 named "Mary Ann" . Part of the film story depicts the ill-fated flight of 9 B-17s which left Hamilton Field on the evening of December 6th, 1941 and arrived over Honolulu on the morning of December 7th right in the middle of the first bombing raid by the Japanese. It was a mix of "D" models with a couple of early B-17Es, not all of which survived shoot downs and crash landings. They were totally unarmed and carried an extra fuel tank in the bomb bay so they could make that long trip.


In FS9, I've duplicated Hamilton, Hickem and Wheeler Fields plus Pearl Harbor and Ford Island in that period and would like to recreate the mass take-offs from Hamilton Fld with a flight of D and E model B-17s with a fly out over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge and on into the night. I'll figure out the arrival at Hickam Fld later on. But first things first; I need a B-17D! And this is the first one I've seen.


Zippy, if you still happen to have FS9 on your computer, could I ask a favor .... try installing the D on FS9 and see if it works? I know it's formatted for FSX, but sometimes they work in FS9. If it won't work...well that's OK too.


Thanks again for your response: you have helped me out several times in the past and I appreciate it greatly.


Best Regards; JonB

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Thanks anyway Zippy. I'll make sure I have everything you circled, on the FSX.


I've put so much into FS9 that I can't give it up...mainly creating airports and airfields I've known, even my hometown airport (Burbank CA) the way it was when I last saw it in 1954. Complete with DC-3s, DC-6s, Connies and even some T-33s on the Lockheed ramp which was across the runway from the old ArtDecco terminal. I'm definately an "old-timer" now!


Haven't tried to duplicate my work in FSX, so I'm kinda stuck with the old 2004 version...but it still works fine.


Thanks again for your help...I really appreciate it !!


Happy Holidays (in advance!)

JonB :)

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