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Creating flight plans without endless dragging of the red route


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Recently was working on a flight plan from Seattle to Narita. Was about to finish when I made some ... unexpected, unexplainable mouse drag/click combination which did something to the simulator, and it crashed.


Not really feeling like doing it again (but I will end up doing so anyways), is there a program that creates a .pln file where I could just enter the points (assuming it knows which points do and don't exist in the FS2004 database)?

Carlos Si
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yep. simbrief. create your flightplan and press generate OFP, or (operational flight package). once loaded scroll down to the flightplan downloads and find FS2004. export to the FS. I use the simbrief downloader for all my export needs (ifly, pmdg, wilco, etc.) load up the sim and load the flight. all info entered. tada enjoy your flight!
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