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Posky 737 reversers

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Pilots -


I recently d/l a good ol' posky 737-800 (that also works in P3Dv4), and there is an issue where Engine 2 reversers continue to deploy and retract. For those who have the Logitech/Saitech throttle quadrant, if I manually deploy them they activate as expected (I have set my throttle "buttons" to deploy them via FSUIPC) Then when I begin to reverse direction of the throttle (increasing power), the reversers close as expected but as I continue to increase the reversers keep "popping" open. I add more throttle and they start to close then pop open again?!? More thrust start closing - pause the throttle position start to open again - repeats all the way up until full thrust.


So I did reverse my throttle settings changing #1 as #2 and #2 to #1 yet it still happens to engine #2. Engine #1 always works correctly. Do not have this issue with other aircraft so I am tending to believe it is not a hardware issue.


Just asking if anyone has come across this issue in the past? Maybe something I can check in the aircraft.cfg file?





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Hi, Marcus! I also fly the POSKY 737-800 but don't have the throttle quadrant you speak of. I also don't add thrust while the reversers are deployed. I might try that next flight. I normally just hit F1 to kill the reversers while coming to a stop on the runway.


I'll try a test where I give full power for takeoff then bring the thrust levers to idle and engage reversers to slow down and then try adding power to watch the reaction.


UPDATE: They worked as expected. Adding thrust while deployed, they both retracted and stayed in position until I went back to idle and engaged reverse thrust again. Don't know what your problem might be?

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Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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