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FS2004 users looking at buying the new MSFS?


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Hi guys! Remember me? It's been a long time (been working my a** off in my real world job with NO free time the last couple years) I honestly can't remember the last time I got to fly. Sad.


But. Tonight over a late dinner I jumped into the Forums and saw this post. Mark, I am with you. FS2004 is still my all-time favorite sim, and it's staying on my computer for as long as possible! I love FS2004. I also enjoy FSX SE... but FS2004 is my favorite. :cool: _Glenn

2021 Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming laptop. AMD Ryzen 7 4800H, 32GB DDR4-3200 G.Skill RAM, Nvidia GTX 1660ti 6GB GDDR6, 500GB and 1TB PCIe M.2 SSD, 144MHZ 1920×1080P 300Nits ISP screen,

Windows 10 Home 64-bit OS, (2nd Display) Dell 24" UltraSharp 1920x1200 TTF Monitor, CHProducts FlightYoke & RudderPedals, Logitech 3D Pro Extreme joystick

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In any type of sim I think we all look at the investment in time we have over the years learning the idiosyncracies of the one we use, we know how to add things, how to tweak things, how to troubleshoot; we have our favorite additions (in FS - aircraft, scenery, utilities). A new sim will have to offer enough improvement, without loss of features we want, to entice us to start all over.


This same discussion has been rampant in the race sim community the past few years as proponents of each new sim wonder why everyone doesn't abandon the old ones. For me it is usually features, the new sims excel in one or two areas but are deficient, if not completely lacking, in others; while the older sims offer all the features we've come to expect.

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So sad for me eh? Not really, I'm very happy with my current setup, and for us old 2D guys, change is hard...


FS2004 is rock solid, just can't stop using it.


Yep, the reasons are same for me. I also love Flight Keeper which does so much for my FS9 experience. I'd lose it with MSFS and I'm sure MSFS won't have Flight Keeper features.


May get it anyway just for a quick play if user feedback is great but right now I'm betting more on the side of MSFS being a disaster. lol

Mark Daniels
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Some odd comments here re 2020. Surely it is simple? We don't know much about it right now. When it comes out all will be revealed, the good points and the bad. If it then seems to be on balance significantly better than FS9 then I will install it. If after some time I realise I am no longer using FS9, even though I have made over 600 scenery airfields for it, then I will be content.
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I am also a long time user of FS2004 and have made & adapted a lot for it - panels, flight dynamics, some liveries. I have hundreds of great aircraft and many additional sceneries.

FS 2020 does seem to be excellent so I will probably get it (and a new fast PC) but also probably keep my old FS9 as well.

In addition to my old but fast XP desktop that runs FS9 beautifully I eventually got - 2 things. First a new 64 bit gaming laptop and second a saitek X-55 plus a rudder pedal.

I used to have my old simple saitek with home-made wander leads to 2 of the potentiometers - 1 a home-made rudder bar and 2 a seperate throttle (all of which a computer 'sees' as one thing - one ID).

But I eventually bought Saitek X-55 and a Cessna Rudder set. All very nice but that's 3 things and even brought together in a hub its 3 IDs inside the computer.

Now that's fine for 32 bit like my XP. But my newer gaming laptop is 64 bit and problem 1 - FS9's config file only recognises these 3 items as 1 ID. So it can't work out how , say button 3 on the stick can also be a different button 3 on the throttle. It simply can't work unless I physically unplug throttle and rudder and just have 1 twisty stick.

So beware if eventually getting 64 bit and a multi-usb stick array like that.

I therefore use the old desktop XP for FS9 but its too old for Team Speak servers - grrr!


But my gaming laptop is whizzy enough to run X-Plane. Yes, that thing that was for ages very good for aircraft modelling but useless for ground modelling. So why am I boring you with this? Well default scenery isn't much better than FS9 except for worldwide terrain mesh and runways/taxiways sat accurately on slopes. But there are ortho-sceneries (google-earth style tiles so we fluy over what is actually there. better still (this is for UK) GBPro which places a pretty good (from a lot of generic) building where there is one - houses up to big industrial/flats etc. trees and hedges too.


So for an immersive VFR and looky-looky its great (and even has moving vessels, cars, trucks, trains etc. that is with 'old' as in 3 or 4 years ago ways and means.

So FS2020 will be every building (and almost every tree) as it should look where it should be and that will be game-changing. I have attached 2 pictures - not great quality after modifying them to suit this forum but they give an idea of X-Plane with these addons. The screenshots of FS2020 and short films show something even better than this.

So we will see

Icon-A5 over Lyneham.jpgIslander over Warrington (1).jpg

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