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Can't figure out what base model to use on HJG aircraft.

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Would like to fly both the ANA 727-200 advance aircraft and.the Korean 727-200 early aircraft.

However i can never figure out which base model to use.





Korean 727-200 early.JPG




Boeing 727-200 (Advanced)...Has 14 models to choose from.

first 727-200 avd models.JPG


Below are the other 7.


the last 7.JPG



Now here are the Korean 727-200 early models below.


727-200 early base models.JPG



I can never figure out which model to use, all the rest of the installation i have down pat.

When downloading these models and textures, is their a way to tell what goes with what?

(Just by looking at them) Nothing in the readme files gives any clue, as to which one to use.

It gets very frustrating and time consuming making a choice.

need help

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In fact the OP is right.

It's not clear from the download page nor the readme within the download which model to use.


@OP: the actual model matching info is found on this page (made by aerofoto :)):



Scroll down to below "HJG B727-200 SERIES TEXTURE/BASE PACK/MODEL CONFIGURATION" to get your info (about halfway the page).


And while I was there, I could as well copy/paste the info you've asked for:

Korean Air 1995 = VHF model / B727-200 EARLY NTL/VHF JT8D-7 base pack

All Nippon Airways 1990 = VHF model / B727-200 ADV NTL/VHF JT8D-17 base pack


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I'm surprised, Aerofoto (Marc) with HJG hasn't chimed in on this site to help! He's usually there quickly when the HJG is mentioned!


Marc aka "AEROFOTO" can't chime in when he's "out flying" (across Colombia, the Caribbean, the USA, and out over the Pacific too) .... as has been the case each day since last Saturday ;)




HJG has actually covered this query (tried to at least) on its own HJG forum since "October 25th" .... by advising precisely what to do, how to do it, where everything's located (as is also stated within HJG's own forum based manual too) .... and in particular precisely why everything's "had to" be set up the way it "is" ....




Given the almost identical subject matter here it's suspected this's probably the same OP :)


And "yes" HJG "does" monitor other forums in relation to it's products .... as and when it can (sometimes it can't though), but, HJG support related queries are always best, more thoroughly, and more quickly addressed on the HJG forum .... "as preferred" .... since that's where all of the "expertise" (for what it offers at least) is located .... only for reason/s of trying to avoid evidence of the wrong and/or otherwise bad advice that's been offerred elsewhere in the past too.



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