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Flying to Johnston Atoll

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On my sixth trip around the world and on my way back home. Flying to Johnston Atoll right now at 18:00 UTC. I'm glad the sun is coming out because JON has no lights, no ILS, no VOR or even an NDB. At least that's how I made it since I didn't think that runway had lights and there certainly aren't any navigation beacons that I know of. I like moving at an unrealistic speed of mach 2.35 at FL500.

















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That's a very interesting flight! :pilot:

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A flight above nowhere look like! :):)


Having flown over the Pacific a number of times, I can tell you it's absolutely MASSIVE! I've been to and around Easter Island and the Polynesian Islands, Marshall Islands. Up to and around Wake Island, Midway and up to the Aleutian Islands. I think I've been everywhere on the globe quite frankly. Even Mongolia.

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