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Lots of Junk Mail


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In the last month or two I've noticed big increase in the amount of junk mail I'm getting, it has steadily got worse and worse.


In the past when I logged on to my mail I sometimes got around 5-7 junk sometimes less, now I'm getting 20+ and more as the day goes on.

As most of you know if you happen to see something of interest and look at the web page, a short time later you get an email advertising that product you were looking at, not once but daily.

I'm now also getting lots of mail with the 'You have been selected to win...' and emails in italics as though that is going to entice me to look.

I have a hearing problem and I have hearing aids, I saw an add for some that looked good so I ordered them, but after that I am getting lots of emails advertising hearing aids of all kinds, not from that company by the way but others, I just delete them but if I ever did reply to say I'm not interested they send out more.


I've tried the blocking thing but I must be doing it wrong or it doesn't work because they still get through, so is it my imagination or has anyone else started to get more junk lately and what do you do to stop it?


I have just got a couple more junk mails after posting this, so I again tried the 'Block' feature in Gmail, I'll see if it works lol.



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