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Nose up Attitude on a MD-11 Aircraft


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Does anyone know of a setting that can be changed to bring the nose down a bit? It flies well, it's just very hideous to look at the aircraft from the outside. Looks like someone is doing Stall Practice! This aircraft downloaded from this site's library. File is






Thanks, Rick :cool:

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Rick, did you alter the 'Cruise Lift' or the 'wing Incidence' or both to bring the nose down?


Reason I ask is I have an aircraft I want to lift the nose, if flies straight on climb then at cruise it suddenly dips it's nose, not a bit but too far and like your's looked wrong with the nose up this one looks wrong with it down.



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Morning Colin! Last evening I did a Google search on the problem and found an old Avsim thread, addressing "nose up" situation. They suggested going to the [flight tuning] section and modifying the cruise_lift_scalar. They suggested flying the aircraft, and increasing the entry in .15 increments, saving the change, rechecking the results and doing it again until satisfied. I went from 1.0 to 1.7 and stopped there. I also lowered the fuel by 35%. It definitely looks better now.


In your situation which is just the opposite, you will have to decrease the entry in the .15 increments. Take your time, it just might work for you doing it in the opposite direction!


Good luck and let me know how that worked!


Rick :cool:








Looks a little better? Oh, and Colin, I also, after you mentioning, did go in and found the wing incidence entry, changed that from 1.0 to a -1.1

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