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I wanted to thank you all for your feedback and advice. I've gone from knowing almost nothing to being able to control airspeed properly, know when and how to lower flaps properly, and have even managed to not only hit centerline consistently but also in the first 3rd at -100 on the vsi.


Your help has been awesome. At some point I would love to ask one of you to accompany me in multiplayer to watch and let me know what areas I may need to keep working on.

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I too would like to thank this fantasic group of simmers, not for teaching me to fly (I watched instructor videos on You Tube and bought some pilot books! ) but for how to solve the hundreds of problems you inevitably have trying to get the sim to run like you want. I hated computers, but Zi learnt from these good people how to 'fly' the PC!

- Paul Elliott


Come and follow my recreation of this historic light here: HERE

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