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Dick Mohatt Interview - FSX/FSX-SE Scenery Developer


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Dick Mohatt Interview - FSX/FSX-SE Scenery Developer


Dick Mohatt enjoys flying FSX and finding airports that need improvement. Starting in the mid-West where he grew up, his range has expanded to include some larger airports as well as military bases.


Though never a pilot, Dick was in the Air Force and now being retired gives him time to create and share his creations with the rest of us.






After reading through Dick's interview, why not leave him a message; I know it'll be appreciated.


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Hi Dick,

I´m from Germany and love flyin´in Alaska, British Columba, Alaska ... Thanks for wonderful seneries.


Juneau is a favourite of mine.

I recently added a comment and a question to the scenery in the designers forum.

Subject are "flying" objects,w hich should stay on the ground.

I add the screenshot her as well.

Have a good time

Ulrich ConradtFaulty Juneau 2021-6-22_16-31-11-891.jpg

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