• Dick Mohatt Interview

    Dick Mohatt Interview - FSX/FSX-SE Scenery Developer

    Conducted by Dominic Smith

    Dick Mohatt Interview


    Dick, could I begin by asking about when you first started developing for flight simulators and what got you interested in it?

    I first started flying a flight simulator around 1984. At that time I had a very slow old PC (don't remember much more about it now), but now I use a high-speed set-alone LG. My first attempt to do my own scenery development was around the late 1990s for my then main simulator, FS98. This was for adding parking to default airports, mostly military ones that had very little to no parking. I got into updating small airports mainly in the Midwest as I grew up in the area and was familiar with the airports. Most of them had very little to no parking or even buildings. I did all of the learning and development for my own pleasure. It was not until much later that I decided to upload my developments to FlightSim.Com.

    Could you tell us a bit about the nature of your designs and what you do?

    All of the updates that I do, are for default, small to medium sized, mostly private, but also military airports that have very little parking. On larger airports I may add some static vehicles and aircraft, but mostly I add the correct parking assignments for the airlines that service those airports. I also like to add scenery to the areas off the main airport because I find those lacking any kind of reality. For myself personally, I use quite a number of AI flight plans, with many aircraft flying into all kinds of airports, so airline parking becomes important. In general though, my work is left up to one's imagination, and the fun of flying into different airports and areas.

    Dick, out of all the sceneries you have created, which one do you consider your best or most popular work?

    I have found that my small Midwest airports along with my military airports seem to get most of the downloads. You can always tell my work, as there will be an American flag included, and also an old Ford (usually red or brown), plus some white pickups. This has become my trademark!

    What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of a project?

    Finding as much information as I can about the project I am undertaking is quite a challenge, however, much of that can now be found on the internet, so it has become easier. A lot of fiction is involved in my off-airport scenery, and getting it set up correctly so as to not override the off-airport default scenery is also quite a challenge. I have to find the area I want to add new scenery to first, place a large object at the spot, and then keep moving it until I have it placed in the correct location. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time.

    What have been your favorite projects to date?

    I have several projects which are favorites, and as I get better, I am changing some of my first uploads and updating them to reflect my improvements in my development. To date: PAJN Juneau, KOFF Offutt AFB, KOMA, Eppley Airport, Omaha, NE (because of my off-scenery river work involved with both) and my most recent upload, KYKN Yankton (the river area with bridges and traffic I really enjoy). My new creation of KMCI Kansas City International Airport to reflect the future terminal that is at present, under construction is another favorite. The new airport will be a one terminal airport and is scheduled to be operational sometime in 2022. At present the airport is a three-terminal airport with two active terminals. The new airport will be constructed on the same site as the present one. My redesign is my own interpretation and not a true image of what the finished airport will look like.

    Dick Mohatt Interview

    Dick, what software packages and tools do you use to develop your airports?

    The main tool that I use is Airport Design Editor (ADE), a fantastic program developed by Jon Masterson. I also make use of the fantastic libraries that FlightSim.Com and others provide to people like myself. I use references from many scenery add-ons for ideas, plus Google and AirNav as info sources.

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      rockinrobin -
      Thanks for all your hard work. I've done some work on my former home airport in Mitchell, South Dakota (KMHE) and understand the satisfaction your efforts bring! Keep up the good work!