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Quick Question Regarding Modified Default FSX Aircraft

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Are you allowed to modify any of the default FSX aircraft & upload/share them as freeware, with of course credit to Microsoft? I recently took the default Piper J-3 Cub and turned it into an American Legend AL3C-100 Legend Cub, which is a revamped & modernized replica of the original J-3 Cub. Mods to it in the aircraft.cfg & panel.cfg files include:


  • 100hp Continental O-200D instead of the default 65hp Continental A65
  • increased empty & gross weights that match that of the real AL3C
  • x2 12 gallon fuel tanks in the wings instead of the single 12 gallon nose fuel tank
  • More aggressive prop pitch which was given new textures as well that resemble a Sensenich wood-composite propeller
  • Electrical system added
  • Nav, strobe, & x2 bright wing landing lights (although the landing lights don't project any light on the ground since that particular effect is related to the model
  • Updated/modernized cockpit instruments (still the same bare-bones basic VFR set up as the default Cub; just looks more modern)
  • Custom textures inside & out (including my own personalized Black/White paint job based on the Loopy Larry livery that I nicknamed "Black Betty". I also gave the panel some carbon fiber textures.


I did all this because I wanted a light & simple bushplane that was a little more "professional" looking compared to the RANS S-7C Courier I also fly (some of you may have seen my other forum post talking about that S-7 and the modeling glitch it had), and one that was bug-free & FSX-native. Plus I've picked up a knack for tweaking & modifying airplanes in FSX to my liking (at least what I am able to modify). :) The default Cub is already a great flyer & bushplane, but the addition of a more powerful engine & longer legs (range-wise) makes it even better. It's great for river runs & gravel bar hopping, as well as landing in really tight spots generally. Once I finish making more paint schemes & texture variations, I'd love to upload/share it with the flight sim community, although I want to make sure this is totally ok & won't cause any legal trouble or upsets. Here's some screenshots showing what it looks like:









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Don’t think there’s a problems in distributing repaints, modded aircraft.cfg or instructions on how to modify it. As long as you don’t include the model (or the modified one) itself.




Yes, nothing wrong with TELLING others how to do it.

But distributing the resultant files could land you in trouble - and lots of of it.


FSX was released in 2006 and no-one has tried what you propose since then. Now you know why...

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So what about those FS2004 default aircraft that were converted for FSX and the entire aircraft was shared, such as the Cessna 182S & Mooney Bravo/Acclaim S by Mark Rooks? He even modified & re-uploaded the FSX acceleration P-51 (Shadow Spear). Did he have permission from Microsoft to update & share those aircraft?


What if I include the text from my panel.cfg & aircraft.cfg in a "Read Me" document, and just have users copy-paste the aircraft.cfg & panel.cfg text in the Read Me and paste it in the corresponding documents? Or what if I just share the textures, sound (it uses the sound set from the FS2004 Curtiss JN4 Jenny), panel & aircraft.cfg only and not include the model or .air file?

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