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Aerostar 727-25


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Second part of 4:




Louisiana based Professional Travel formed Aerostar in July 1979, and the carrier began flight activities on June 19, 1981. Aerostar was based in Atlanta, Georgia. They had three 727-100s in their fleet, and they operated domestic and international tour and general passenger group flights. They mainly flew to Las Vegas, the US Virgin Islands, and other points in the Caribbean. However, by September 1983 they suspended operations following the repossession of their aircraft.



Aerostar 727-25 (TDS)

3 Aerostar 727-100.jpg

3a Aerostar 727-100.jpg

3b Aerostar 727-100.jpg

3c Aerostar 727-100.jpg

3d Aerostar 727-100.jpg

3e Aerostar 727-100.jpg



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I really like the way the stars accent the livery!

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