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Cycle through 3D, Chase and Ridealong.


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Just in case some of you want to be able to access different views, using Jstick or Keyboard, without having to go to Menu.


--[[This Script will Cycle through 3D, Chase and Ridealong. To use, copy this text to a file AnyName.lua and place it into your XP11... \Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts, Start XPlane, Go to Settings>Joystick or Keyboard and in FlyWithLua Views Cycle Views, assign a button or Key to Cycle views. Go back to XP and use the button / key to cycle through views. Tested with XP11.40 and Win10.]]


local last_view_type = 0


--define the DataRef we want to use

DataRef( "view_type", "sim/graphics/view/view_type" )

--view_type == 1017 = Chase

--view_type == 1026 = 3D

--view_type == 1023 = HUD?


function Cycle_Views()

--if view_type == 1026 = 3D switch to Chase on next Jstk press

if (( view_type == 1026 ) and ( last_view_type ~= 1026 ))

or(( view_type == 1023 ) and ( last_view_type ~= 1023 )) then

command_once( "sim/view/chase" )


--if Chase switch view/ridealong

if ( view_type == 1017 ) and ( last_view_type ~= 1017 ) then

command_once( "sim/view/ridealong" )


--switch to 3D on next Jstk press

command_once( "sim/view/3d_cockpit_cmnd_look" )






-- create a Jstk command to execute Cycle_Views

create_command("FlyWithLua/Views/Cycle Views", "Key to Cycle views", "Cycle_Views()", "", "")





Here is something Fun. It actually moves.


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