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Issue With FSX Twinkling Trees


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Hi all:

The twinkling of autogen trees is really annoying me. At altitude it is not an issue but in descent or approach, they twinkle. When stationary on the ramp there is no twinkling. But as soon as I begin to taxi, the twinkling begins. I don't see any shimmering of buildings or other objects, just the trees. I am running FSX Gold boxed. My system is I7-4820k running at 4.5, GTX TITAN 6GB, 16GB DDR3/2133MHz. I am running Inspector with AA settings maxed, display is a 1080p HiDef TV running at 19/10 @ 60 hz. I have the usual tweaks in FSX, affinity mask at 84, Pools=0. The trees are default. Generally, the system runs fine but the twinkling trees bothers me.

Can anyone suggest what the cause of the twinkling and any thoughts on correcting the problem would be appreciated.



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Hi Rick, the twinkling trees is an AA/Anistropic filter setting issue. I still get it with a certain type of Apron lamp post at a few add-on airports only, which I can live with (it must be a model/material thing, not textures or graphics). I stopped using Inspector with FSX SP2 last year and haven't looked back since - it's not necessary, and it allows you select AA/Anisotropic settings which aren't actually supported by your GPU - I've found it's much better to use the nVidia Control Panel, which in default mode only gives you the options which ARE actually supported by your GPU, and they work perfectly well. Edited by tiger1962

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Thanks Mark & Tim.I didn't answer immediately as I was waiting to see if anyone else would weigh in with an opinion.

I have seen an improvement by experimenting with Mipbias=3,,4, or 5 in FSX.cfg. I am now working on using nVidia control panel in place of Inspector to see if I can see a difference. I'll report back.

Thanks again


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