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unable to open gfa.adam zip file


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Name: gfa_adam_a500_and_a700.zip

Size: 245,723,212 Date: 09-11-2019 Downloads: 266



fbq1.giffcq1.gif FSX/P3D Adam A500 And A700. Very little information about the Adam Aircraft is available from the internet so the development of the virtual models are not 100% renditions especially as far as the cockpit and instrument panels are concerned. There may also be some deviations to the rest of the interior and exterior models. I modelled both the A500 piston engine and the A700 Jet so you can have the best of two worlds with these two aircraft. Works with FSX SP2/Accelleration, FSX: Steam and Prepar3D. By Simon Smeiman.

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If you are using the inbuilt windows utility there are a number of reported issues with the tool, including permission issues due to User Account Control (UAC) restrictions (especially in Win10), reported issues with how it handles/opens large files and issues with the .ZIP file type not being recognised due to file assignment permissions and/or corrupted/missing OS files.


Try downloading another tool such as 7-zip and see if that resolves the issue - see HERE




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