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Using an iPad as additional display in Prepar3D


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I am finally getting back into Prepar3D after a couple years away. When I left there was a product that let you use an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device as an additional screen like a basic instrument panel or map or other functions. I believe each screen function was a separate plug-in for the app on the device. Possibly it was available only for FSX. Is there such a product available?


Thanks for any help.

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Be careful with that program, funny enough I was reading somewhere not long ago where a guy used his iPad for the map, after he installed the program that links from the PC to the iPad he got lots of problems.

When he went online about it there was a lot of others having the same problem and the company that owns the program were working on a solution.


This might be a different program to the one you want I'm not sure, having said all that there is clips on YouTube where others are sing it.



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If you happen to live and fly in North America - this is your best bet for a completely FREE EFB - that includes the only source of FREE Georeferenced Approach Plates and Taxi Diagrams... Many people have used it for many years without issue...


FltPlan GO





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There are several ways of doing this. There's RemoteFlight Cockpit HD, which is an iPad app available in the App store (sounds like that's what you were after). This allows you a six-pack of instruments that connect via network to P3D. There are quite a large number of gauges you can use with it. This works really well to display your basic gauges.


What I do is run an app called Duet Display. When connected to your computer via USB, it turns your iPad into an additional monitor, just as if you had another monitor plugged into the computer's GPU. With this set up, any window can be dragged over to the iPad. Running Air Manager, you could drag your entire console over to your iPad, although with all those gauges they might be too small to see.


What I've done is undock my GPS from my P3D aircraft and I have it displayed full screen on my iPad. Running Duet Display as Administrator allows the touch functionality to work also. So I set my GPS as if I were using its buttons.

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