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ASUS TUF laptop for FSX-SE: what do you think?


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What do you think of this laptop for FSX-SE? It's just $805.




Asus TUF FX504GE-ES72

CPU: i7-8750H (6 cores, 2.2-4.1 Ghz)


Display: 15", 1920x1080

Storage: 256 GB M.2 SSD (yes, too small, but there's space for another drive, and I have an SSD lying around).

GPU: Geforce GTX 1050Ti


My idea is to run FSX-SE with Orbx Global+Vector, no addon airports (just AFCADs are enough for me), AI, ActiveSky WX, and aircraft such as the Aerosoft Airbus and the iFly 737. Moving into P3D is not an option for me, I was able to get all the FSX addons for not that much.


For reference, the i5 version is $656 and the Ryzen 5 version is $700. I'd prefer spending the $100 more for 2 more cores, but only if it will be up to the task. Will it be a good purchase?

Best regards,

Luis Hernández 20px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png20px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png

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As has been said in these hallowed halls more times than I care to remember:


The number of cores do not matter a lot, as FSX (and FSX-SE) is basically a single-threaded application, meaning it can basically only utilize one core. Therefore, what matters is raw clock speed.


If this laptop runs at a sustained base speed of 2.2 GHz with a "turbo-boost" to 4.1 GHz, then forget it and look for one with a higher sustained base speed. Ignore the turbo speed (or what they call it), and the number of cores.



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it should run it with no issue and its definately a worthwhile upgrade


i run fsx on a lenovo p52 i7-8850H 6 Core Processor (2.60GHz, up to 4.30GH) with a Nvidia Quadro P2000 (not really a gaming card, designed for cad) and for the most part 30 fps is no issue in pretty dense scenery. out in the boonies, double or triple that.


dont tell my boss. :)

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