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Pixelated wings at 300knots above FL300


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When viewing the spot plane at 300 knots or above the aircraft wings become pixelated .

I am thinking it maybe have something to do with the engine / exhaust / smoke effects .

Maybe I am missing something in the FS9.cfg .

Any thoughts anyone ?

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Thank you Roger for your interest .

It occurs with all jetliners in close spot plane views .

All is good until FL290 and above .

Maybe I have to live with it , or stay with FSX where there is no issue .

The only reason I fly in FS9 is because there are some good features and I can have all sliders to the max

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Short answer: Remove the mipmaps from these aircraft textures. It should get the job done.


Extended answer: This is one of the few things that can't be taken straight from NickN's FSX Bible: for flyable FS9 aircraft, forget about mipmaps. I don't know if this is because of FS9, or because of having the textures in BMP, but the thing is that mipmaps do not work as well in FS9 when compared to FSX.

However, do not ever remove mipmaps from AI aircraft or scenery textures.

Best regards,

Luis Hernández 20px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png20px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg.png

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