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After many years of no issues with Windows XP/FS9 i have a problem. I cant connect to Vatsim via Squawkbox. I have the latest one and have been using it with no problems for years.


My third party weather engine works fine ,FS9 works fine,internet works fine.Basically everything works except being able to connect to Vatsim no mater which Vatsim server i try.


When trying to connect i get ....(Protocol Error) connection timed out or connection refused.


I downloaded FSInn/copilot installed it,it ran fine once,and after that same problem as with the squawkbox.


After searching it could me the ports,modem/router, firewall ,I am lost.


I plan to take my pc to the service dealer,and see if it runs at his shop.If it does,then the problem is at my end.If it does not run ,then the problem is somwhere in the pc.


Any sugestions.



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VATSIM are upgrading their servers, here's their announcement: https://blog.vatsim.net/modernization-of-vatsim-infrastructure

Tim Wright "The older I get, the better I was..."

Xbox Series X, Asus Prime H510M-K, Intel Core i5-11400F 4.40GHz, 16Gb DDR4 3200, 2TB WD Black NVME SSD, 1TB Samsung SATA SSD

NVidia RTX3060 Ti 8Gb, Logitech Flight Yoke System, CH Pro Pedals, Acer K272HL 27", Windows 11 Home x64

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Hi, WOw after 3 days of scratching my bald head I see now why I get all hese error messages! I redownloaded SB and Utilities all over no dice. But do we now know what the utility download is and where located? Thanks! Dan C
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Well i am back to FS9 in Windows7 now. After some getting information over time in the forums here and Avsim,FS9 installed easy. My FS9,i use the disk install.All the fs9 updates went smooth. Squwkbox installed smooth and connected online ok using the new server numbers for Vatsim.


My Level-D 767 installed easy, but had a problem where SID/STARS were not showing. That problem has been resolved.


I do not have the NO DISK patch since FS9 starts and run no problems. One problem i do have is the CH-YOKE freezes sometimes, so when i am at the gate i unplug/plug the USB for the yoke and then no problems. If i cant find a fix for this i can live with it. Othen than that, FS9 ,all addons work perfect.



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