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How have I missed Alabeo aircraft?


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Only discovered this company today by chance! Visually, their aircraft look just as good (if not better) that the other top brands and they are very reasonably priced compared to some other high quality planes. For those who have purchased, how are the flight dynamics for Alabeo planes?
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Supposedly the cheap end for the Carenado range, they're really just a branding exercise. Typically lacking even the sophistication of the Carenado product, which can be a good thing if they keep to the simple products.


Assume Carenado prettiness and Carenado system-less and you can be happy or sad depending on how much weight you put into the FDE.

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Mr. Stolle leaves much to be desired with the FDE's.


I am curious as to what you have based this statement on?



the Bean

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Maybe constant complaints to Alabeo regarding their flight models, and having their files sent to me for re-work?


Or we could go deeper..

As one real-world Extra 300 pilot wrote me, regarding the Alabeo Extra;

"For a point of reference, the IRIS Pro Series Christen Eagle I and Christen Eagle II models are far more realistic in handling and performance"


- Joseph

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