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Add on aircraft not in selection window

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Windows 10 and FSX I downloaded the Zenith CH701 file for FSX and installed it according to the Readme and the information in the write up by Andrew Heard at this link https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?2063 When I select CHANGE to select the new aircraft, it does not show on the page with the other available aircraft. If I choose to view the aircraft by manufacturer - in this case Zenith Aircraft - the manufacturer's name is listed. When I select it and choose the DETAILS button in the window I get the rotating view of the aircraft and the information about the CH701 BUT there is no way to select it so I can fly it. Can someone tell m e what is missing that prevents this aircraft from being selectable?




Dale Gloer


PS. I have downloaded and installed other aircraft successfully.

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Also did you rename the panel as directed:


The Zenith A/C company manufacture a range of kit built light A/C.

The CH 701 is a highly regarded STOL 2 seat kit A/C.

This model is also suitable for FSX. To use in FSX you need

to delete the standard panel cfg file and rename the

supplied panel_fsx.cfg file to panel.cfg.

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Yes, my panel is set up correctly and yes, as I said I followed the readme instructions.


I found the solution. By accident, after I got the details display by selecting the manufacturer in the filters at the top of the page, I pressed OK twice and I was able to fly the airplane. After some investigation of other aircraft files I saw that all the Thumbnails were in jpg format but the CH701 kit only had it as a bmp. I reformatted the thumbnail to a jpg and now it appears in the selection window.


Dale Gloer

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