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Problems with my first (FS9) airport add on into FSX

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Hi all,


I was blessed to be able to enjoy a week in Cambodia earlier this year, my first ever taste of international travel.


Reminiscing about the experience tonight led me to the FS9/FS2004 Siam Reap International Airport add on. Pretty cheap now, and I was able to get it for half price too. Woo hoo.


This is my first airport add on. I managed to get it in to FSX:SE ok. I get some strange texture anomalies which I'm a bit lost for words in explaining, so it made it hard googling too. Refer to the attached picture to see what I mean.


The textures in the foreground appear to be making the textures in the background translucent.


Is this a common thing with importing FS9/FS2004 scenery into FSX:SE? For what it's worth, as it may be a factor, I am using Steve's DX10 fixer. No other add ons of note. I pretty much run FSX:SE stock.


I'm hoping this is a common issue that someone might be able to point me in the right direction in terms of getting resolved.


I appreciate any help I can get.


Lastly, is it possible to increase the distance for which objects 'pop-in' to the picture? Or is this something that can't be edited because it's built into the scenery model files?


Thanks everyone.




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Be aware that most but not all FS9 scenery will work flawlessly in FSX. I have several airports that are FS2004/FS9 versions and they seem to be OK. I have tried others that will give you a crash to desktop when trying to enter or depart the airport.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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…..Only the creator can (and is allowed to (copyright)) edit models....


I use loads of FS2004 stuff in FSX and for the most part have had very few issues. IME the main problem encountered is how FS2004 trees are displayed and how some file types normally used in FS2004 can cause issues.


WRT the tree issue - As il88pp has pointed out, usually only the author of the scenery can legally edit the scenery, especially so in this case as it is payware. However, some payware authors may allow, via the EULA, editing of the scenery for personal use only. So check the EULA/Copyright info to see if that is the case here. Usually, freeware is more liberal and you can often edit it and, in some cases, post it for use by others.


WRT the comments made by Charlie regrading CTD issues - the main culprit for this is the use of files that contain VTPL VTPP, VTPX and LWM2 descriptions within the filename. These are landclass/ground poly scenery files (i,e they have a .bgl extension) that that do not play well with FSX and deleting them often clears the issue with little noticeable difference to the scenery




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@ Trent,


Further to my last post, something else that you can try....


Sometimes, especially with payware and more detailed freeware, the scenery is made up of separate .bgl files that contain the various elements of the scenery.


Look in the scenery subfolder where you have installed the scenery and check to see if the author has provided the tree objects as a separate .bgl file. Look for files with names like trees.bgl or vegetation.bgl.


If so, simply rename the file by adding .BAK to the end of it (i.e. trees.bgl.BAK) or simply remove the file. Of course, this will mean that no trees will be displayed.




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you misread my post.

I talked about editing models.

I said nothing about editing 'sceneries'. (I assume you meant airports).


Objects may not be edited.


Objects often come compiled into object libraries. These contain the objects, and the textures for these objects. Decompiling these object libraries to edit files. (Then recompiling into a library.) Is not allowed either.



Object libraries can of course be deleted/disabled.

Be aware that if you delete or disable the correct library the problem object will not show any more, but also the other objects in that library will no longer show.


By the way, when disabling you will need to close fsx and restart it to see the effect. Just reloading the flight won't show the change, as the objects are still loaded in the RAM.

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if you have a problem with a scenery not rendering correctly in DX10 with the Fixer then you are always welcome to contact me for support (email or the support forum).


I would expect almost all FS9 scenery to work ok with the fixer - a significant proportion of payware FSX scenery still uses the FS9 SDK under the hood.


In this case can you check in the Fixer Debug screen and tell me what the AlphaTest setting is please? If it is set to anything other than "Full Alpha Test" then please change it to Full Alpha Test, press apply and test the scenery again.



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Hi Steve,


Thank you for your interest in my problem! I'm running the DX10 fixer version 2.9 (as I run the sim virtually stock, there wasn't a great need to upgrade following 2.9) and I can't see the "Full Alpha Test" option in the Debug screen.


I'm about to email you for further support.


Thanks again.



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