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lOGTECH Wingman joystick hat switch problem


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Well I have a hat switch problem for this joystick.


It works from 12 to 6 but does not work from 6 to 12. I have doen the calibration and it does not work. Is there any fix?



I got another one that was used and thought this migh work but it is a force feedback and is so sensitive as to be nearly worthless.



The hatswitch works well'


Anyone have some ideas as to fixing this problem?


Don R

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Well i was thinking that way Tom but them I thought about all the springs flying out of it and not being able to get back together.


The force feedback it pretty bad in my opinion. I have the sensitivity adjusted as much as I think I can.


This is a used one and I guess I got what I paid for.


Thanks for the suggestion.



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