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John Loney, Jr. Passed Away


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It is with much sadness that I have to report that John B. Loney, Jr passed away in a Newark, NJ hospital on 17 July 2019, after a brief illness. He will sadly be missed by all of his relatives, friends and Flight Simmers.

He was 77 and is survived by his wife, Frieda, and his daughter, Karen.

The funeral info is:

Home going Service for

John B Loney Jr.

Friday, July 26th

9am-11am viewing: Service at 11am

Zion Hill Baptist Church ¬

152 Osborne Terrace

Newark, NJ 07112

John started developing scenery for his own purposes with FS5 but it wasn't until FS2002 that he published a scenery for the first time (December, 2002)

As of today there are 414 files in the Library that are shown by a search of his name.

He became an X-Ray Technician while serving in the army and upon discharge, he worked in that field at a major medical center in NJ. After 22 years in that position, He became a Cardiac Technician at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and worked in that position until he retired in 2003. However even flight sim could not fill the void left by retirement so he returned to the hospital as a per diem employee working with heart failure and post heart transplant patients. He worked for 48th years at the same hospital.

He chatted on Skype with a group of fellow FSimmers and friends.



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Is it just me? Seems a bad year for simmers, dying? (not using any euphemisms here)

Have we, quite literally, come to the end of a generation?


Some of my earliest memories are of scenery by John B Loney Jr (must have been FS2002, I guess).

It's a worthy tribute to leave those 414 files for download, family permitting...

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