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Is it worth switching from FSX to P3D


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Is it worth the money?

Will addons like PMDG be better supported and work more smoothly?


P3D has an EULA which limits access. Read it to find out if it's for you.

PMDG will need to be re-purchased - the P3D version is NOT the same as FSX.


Performance is different and in some cases, better. You need to be specific about which version you're looking at. P3d v4 and above are 64-bit applications, and the latest version is P3D v4.5 Hotfix. Point releases are typically free, but new versions (i.e P3D v5) will have to be repurchased.

P3D is refundable for the first sixty days.

Support for P3D is more technically-orientated as it is not intended for the mass-consumer market.


If you don't know this already, then assume P3D is NOT for you.

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The current version of P3D is v. 4.5. with the so-called hotfix.


On L-M's support site there are reports of add-ons, such as ORBX, PMDG and others are not quite compatible with 4.5, but the developers are working on making them so.


Having said that, I don't have any of the above-mentioned add-ons and my P3D is running just fine.



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I think you need to first take a long, hard look at what you have first regarding hardware then decide it it is worth it. That's where the money is spent first. I had a terrible experience when FSX came out (yes, talkin' about way back when), so I moved to P3Dv1 when it came out and never looked back.


I don't fly the heavy systems tubeliners like PMDG but I still had to spend $1,000's to upgrade my system to handle the latest and greatest. But to me I felt it was worth it. And now that it's 64bit that meant an upgrade of many of my add-ons where several of my favorites have faded away. It's funny, cause now I can go back and fly FSX and get a great experience but seeing what P3D has to offer I'm content with my decision.


And now you need to think about the new MS Flight Simulator in the mix, ha!

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