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hello everyone..i quit fs flight sim 15 yrs ago......I had it all, you name it I downloaded it!..my screen shots were always well rcvd...anyway I finally gave up on trying to get smooth fps, despite the high end stuff i had back in the day. (sold it all)


now that I've seen x plane i.m readyto go again...currently awaiting delivery of x force rtx pro with the 2080ti gpu, etc


researching all the various web sites, so much is new to me, while still other stuff I remember.

so..two questions


1...what the heck is "lua script".and do I really need it?


2 will the above rig , the rtx run x plane well?


hope to be an active member of this forum, and hope u will be patient with me as I try to relearn all the stuff in x plane


bob valerioti

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LUA is a simple text based language that can be used to create small programs / Scripts easily. XP has Datarefs / Commands / Phrases that you / LUA can access and use to make up / modify many of the things that user does not like / wants to change in XP. It is a very useful thing to use / have.

NO system, that I know of at this time, can run XP11 maxed out smoothly, but your system you describe should give you a performance that is acceptable. If the Vulkan materializes things will likely get better, assuming the artists there don't go on and add a lot more of the useless features like reflections, smoke, dirt on the glass, steam, water droplets.... On the other hand LM, or MSFSX will run on the system with no problem.

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