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Somethings Wrong with my Scenery Directory!

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I'm trying to install third-party addon scenery into FSX. I'm running Windows 7 x64, and whenever I go through the "add scenery" dialogue, the program won't allow me to add the scenery. I'll explain: in FS9, I added scenery by browsing to the scenery directory in the "add scenery" dialogue and double clicked on the scenery folder. FS9 then added the scenery to the list of addon sceneries and that would be that. Now I am discovering that if I do this in FSX, double clicking on the scenery folder ONLY opens up the folder. It does not add the scenery to the list; highlighting the scenery folder and pressing enter doesn't work either. I have tried to add the scenery manually by editing the scenery.cfg file, but while the entries appear in the CFG file, they are not recognized by FSX. I've run FSX under compatibility mode for XP and Vista and as Admin, and nothing seems to work.
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Navigate as you have been doing but when you get to the scenery level (i.e. when it is showing the scenery and, if appropriate, texture subfolders) simply left click anywhere in the white box area and then click OK....the scenery should now be loaded...


See this LINK for a visual description




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Removed by user -- 2 posts got in with identical solutions while I slowly typed my reply. Dang I must be a slow typist

or too long to get pictures up.

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Was too slow - beaten to the punchline
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