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Lynx won't take off?

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For vertical flight, the rotors are angled so the plane of rotation is horizontal, lifting the way a helicopter rotor does. As the aircraft gains speed, the rotors are progressively tilted forward, with the plane of rotation eventually becoming vertical.


I once had this happen in Jordan Moore's "Bell 412" and noticed no takeoff lift, had to click a switch on the cyclic to get off the ground, initially thought it was the altitude or temp or overweight aircraft but unlocking the cyclic had her leaping into the sky.


I am unfamiliar with this aircraft (Alphasim Lynx) but the principle is the same, you need more cyclic input to rotate those blades at a greater angle of attack providing upward lift, sometimes this is locked on the cyclic lever, you must unlock and rotate the hand grip to achieve upward thrust, otherwise the blades are spinning flat providing no lift. If you overpower the thrust in this condition then you may indeed get "Engine cutoff" make sure you have followed the engine startup/runup proceedures as directed in the manual.

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I have the Alphasim Westland Lynx and it says Engine cut off and won't take off when I increase the throttle. Any ideas why this may be the case?


Many thanks,


Do you know about pitch, cyclic and rudder controls and how they relate to the concept of helo flight?

If not, read the Learning Center in the sim.


Increasing the throttle is but one of the three things that are needed for a helicopter to take off.

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